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Car Parking Solutions + Australian Turntable Company introduce a joint venture designed to bring you the best in truck turntables
• Two established experts in their fields
• Many projects completed worldwide
• ISO9001/08 fully accredited to worldwide engineering standard
• The highest quality engineering expertise
• Flexibility to meet your specific needs
• Efficient install and commission for minimal interruption
• Relocatable or permanent installations
• Working with architects, corporates and private individuals

A simple concept - you let us do what we do best - install the best quality, most robustly engineered, cost effective truck turntable system available. 

Turntables from 6m to 18m+

From small delivery trucks in confined spaces to large scale, multi-truck or truck-and-trailer requirements there is an engineering solution available for your needs.

Many projects already completed

Our joint operation has already completed many large scale projects around the world including New Zealand and Australia.

Clients include:
• Aldi
• Rolls Royce
• Countdown
• Progressive Enterprises
• Private individuals
• Farmers Trading Co - Napier


We are happy to consult with you about your specific project. Prices range from $80k to $500k.


We can offer permanent or relocatable turntables in flexible sizes to suit your needs.